Welding is our passion

About us

Service Tech is a Polish welding company offering TIG welding assembly services as a subcontractor. We
have successfully completed projects throughout Europe.
Since the inception of our company, we have foccused on a professional approach to customers,
emphasizing high quality services and trained staff.

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Assembly and welding works of stainless and carbon steel installations and equipment

  • Technical installations

  • Industrial automatics

  • Welding and assembly of tanks

  • Dismantling and relocation of equipment and industrial line installations

  • TIG and orbital welding services

  • Stainless steel installations

Competence and experience

We have a qualified, competend and experienced staff that perfectly performs
the commissioned work.


Our employees are nationally and internationally certified to ensure the highest quality of our services.


Highly qualified team of welders, assemblers and electro-assemblers


Certified professional tools to perform the assigned work.

Project realizations

  • Industrial – food installations (breweries, milk powder plants, dairies, mineral water bottling plants, etc.)

  • Technical installations (steam, condensate, water, chilled water, compressed air)